Me, Me, Me!

So you want to know more about me...
Well, I'm just like you. I'm looking for myself, finding myself, playing peekaboo with myself (ahem) as I meander the wild wonders of this world. (3 points alliteration)
I actually finished a degree--a true wonder of this world--and managed to fit in some studying abroad in Peru, which is what is mostly detailed in this blog, so FAR!

But now, I am exploring, discovering, and pitfalling in other places, currently in Bozeman, Montana, soon to be in Thailand/Southeast Asia, and from there...maybe getting my master's in, something.
I like words.
I like dandelions and sunflowers and sugar and fall and Montana skies and mountains and ocean, ocean, ocean and sandy feet and polar bears and clothes and coats and doing new things and planning and swimming and anything in the water and hiking and writing writing and reading anything I can get my little hands on including many of your blogs...
An Amy is many things. On Urban Dictionary, an Amy is a soulmate, a lover, beloved, the name given to the most beautiful girl in the world, instantly appealing, someone very awesomish, and simply put, a gift to the world. She is very loyal, has A LOT of growing to do (yeah...), who stands her ground, is "tragically indescribable," and a million more good things and bad things, contradictory and complicated. It is here that I have begun to try and make all of the wonderful things true!

While the title of my blog may seem self-explanatory, it was inspired by one of my favorite books and favorite writer/inspiration. No, it's not a traditional classic, but it will always be a classic to me--Betsy and the Great World by Maud Hart Lovelace. See, Betsy, the title character, is just like me--she has longed to be a writer her entire life, and her effortless confidence in her future as an author was one of the most inspiring influences of my childhood and my writing dream. Unlike Betsy, I live in a time of a more equalized society, where women can vote and write and choose between thousands of professions. The world around me encouraged me to "be anything I wanted," and yet, various people in my life cautioned me about the impracticality of writing. It's not a solid, reliable living, and even as I've finished my degree, I'm still encouraged to get a teaching certificate or something of the sort, to give me a more dependable form of employment.
So, every year, I reread a few of the Betsy stories, and remind myself that if Betsy can be writer, a young woman, who, besides wanting to be a writer, is flawed in so many ways just like me, who has longed to change everything about herself and always comes back to who she is, who looks for herself all over the world, who plans seeing the Taj Mahal by moonlight and writing about it rather than just getting married and keeping house, so can I! Hence, the blogging experience.
Betsy is one of my many inspirations to take the different path, to take myself out of my comfort zone and explore different kind of lives and worlds, to do what may seem weird and unusual, what may not be practical, for the purpose of being myself and, to sound cliche, follow my dreams.
That's it for now, chicos. Enjoy my blog as I practice my art and travel around, doing my two most favoritest things.

p.s. Visit Maud Hart Lovelace here.