Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Beach, Sweet Baby Ray, and A Lot of Hummus...

I spent the majority of the last week bumming around San Diego (Point Loma University) with my cousin Courtney...hanging out on the gorgeous campus, watching the ocean pretty much whenever possible, driving her roommates crazy with my mini-explosions of stuff and by gawking at their drama, and pretty much becoming my cousin's other half. It was such an awesome week kicking it true California style (I swear it really seemed like all the movies...the ones at the beach that is) that it's much harder to head off on my next adventure than I thought! Point Loma is probably the prettiest campus I've ever been to, and I spent lots of time wandering around, tripping over my own feet after being mesmerized by the ocean. The weather was fairly chilly at first, including on the night we decided to try sleeping on the cliffs over the waves...good idea, but next time I'd definitely take a sleeping pad!! Brrr. I spent quite some time down at Ocean Beach, the hippiest part of S.D. and therefore my cousin's favorite, exploring the shops and tide pools and the farmer's market. On Wednesday I had my first memorable surfing experience...I came out a little bloody and battered but still alive! I even managed to enjoy the sunset while flailing around on my board, and am pretty convinced I need to become a surf bum when I come back from S.A. Although I may want to practice more...I stood up for all of one second before somehow coming painfully face-to-face with my lovely foam board!
After a beautiful sunrise over the bay (Mission? San Diego? Harbor?) from a cemetery, on Wednesday night I went with Loma's Homeless Outreach Program, which I was kind of dreading but turned out to be really fun. My favorite guy was Ray (yes, Sweet Baby Ray!) who is absolutely adorable and completely infatuated with my cousin. My other cousin came down from Orange County the next night for some dueling piano bar fun in Downtown San Diego, and we managed to have a good, inexpensive time, even though the pianists were pretty painful to listen to! Invest in some decent singers Shouthouse!!!
I'm back in Temecula, already missing the beach, and cramming all of my stuff--including a mini pharmacy and about five hundred t-shirts--into just two bags. I'm pretty sure my cousin's roommates were cheering when I finally stopped sleeping on their floor, and I swear I will be on one's blacklist forever for eating her hummus (I swear I didn't!!!) I left Loma amid some drama--I probably won't be welcome back again thanks to my big mouth--but it was an awesome time anyway!! Who knew a Christian school could be so fun?? (Just kidding!!)
I fly out of L.A. tomorrow (eeee!) at around 9 A.M. Pacific time. I'm pretty freakin' nervous right now, worried about money and my Spanish. I made the discovery when sitting in Hannah's Spanish class this week that if I were thrown into prison for accidentally transporting drugs or happen to get sold into white slavery, I can confidently ask what I'm being charged for and where they're taking me...but will I understand the answer?? Chances are slim at this keep your fingers crossed that I make it to my first class so I can remedy this issue!
I hope all of you many, many avid readers of my blog out there (haha) are doing wonderfully--and I hope you all keep reading and keep in touch :) I'm so glad to have been here in SoCal and I'll miss everyone here (even the hummus-hater) so much! But one must go onward.......

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