Sunday, January 25, 2009

On my way!

I left Bozeman with a great send-off, a giant backpack, a carry-on completely stuffed, and an extremely bulky wedding present that caused me much trouble and many an annoyed look from fellow passengers (especially the older man whom I wacked in the face with it--thankfully, they're just sheets in the box so not too heavy--as I was attempting to cram it in one of the godforsaken overhead bins). My first flight was fairly smooth, although breaking through the clouds and leaving Bozeman below was a surprisingly emotional moment. We landed in Denver successfully, and I loafed around the airport while they fixed our plane. The next flight was okay--I promptly passed out on my (cute) neighbor and drooled all over his shoulder...charming I know. It was incidentally a conversation starter, and we were getting on famously until we hit some turbulence and he proceeded to upchuck for the next hour! Despite this unfortunate (and gross!) issue, we made it safely into John Wayne airport, and from there I headed to Ralph and Annie's rehearsal dinner. The next day was filled with wedding details and lots of family members, with the usual confusion, drama and some laughs thrown in there. My little cousin Luke is adorable, Annie and Ralph were happy and gorgeous, and I had a lot of fun! I'm hanging out in SoCal in balmy 60 degree weather with various family members for the next week or so, and I fly out next weekend to...drumroll please...beautiful Cuzco, Peru, smack dab in the middle of the Andes! That is if I ever get my flight confirmation email! I'm already getting homesick for all my family and friends back in Bozeman, but so far it's great to be in Cali mooching off family! I still have a few details to figure out before I head down to South America, but hopefully all will go smoothly and then ALL of you can come visit! Hope you find my blog entertaining or at least something to read when you need a break from school or work--and keep in touch! I love sending emails and letters and postcards, so just get me your address and you won't be disappointed :) Love!

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